CPL Season 2

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CPL Season 2

Postby BigBen » Fri 13 Nov 2015, 21:54

Summary Season 1
First of all we want to congratulate all the podium drivers. Good Job! Second we want to thank all the drivers out there that drove this season. The qualifying was a good event with a lot of drivers in it. A lot of them also wanted to participate in the seasons later. We were able to set up 6 divisions with a full charge of 20 drivers. A competition is not a competition without some drivers. Sadly the driver field wasn't as active as we hoped. This was caused by several reasons. We made some mistakes in planing, f.e. too big mappool, and some other competitions such as ESL took place as well.

Overall we still think this competition is a good thing for the community and we want to continue it.

We set up a vote in the "Check In"-Section where you can quickly communicate wether you want to drive next season aswell or not. With these results we are able to tighten the table and get more active divisions. As before, new drivers can check in. They will start from the bottom.

The whole admin-team wants to thank all of you for your participation and your support!! Let us make this thing big in the long term ;)

Season 2
- Season 2 will start in January and last till February.
- Check-In opened till 20.12.2015 (http://cpl.dore2cuo.de/votes/checkin)
- More Informations in the Rules Section (will be updated soon)
- Mappack for Season2 is now available on our website http://cpl.dore2cuo.de/

We still accept maps! They will be used in upcoming Seasons.

- 30-65 secs in length
- daylight
- no fancy mods
- no cuts
- re-spawnable
- fun style (maps like f.e. on csb fun serv, smurfen.net, very short)
- easy to drive, hard to master
- named to: "CPL - trackname"
- maps must be released on MX as well
- you can use the cpl-logo
- No ESL or other cup-signs allowed

The CPL Admin Team

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