TM2 Canyon: Shared Custom Objects

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TM2 Canyon: Shared Custom Objects

Postby HaagseSmurf » Thu 31 Jul 2014, 12:26

Click here for the topic about building custom blocks

Shared Custom Objects

1) Maniapark Custom objects overview
2) Canyon Ramp by Yoshi
3) Canyon Banked Platform Curves by Yoshi
4A) Canyon Platform Extension Set by Yoshi
4B) addition to D4A by Yoshi
5) Arena Tunnels pack by Harrison_rus
6) 5O5 V1.3 complete block pack by 505
7) Cups by Aca
8) canyon-diagonal-1 by Aca
9) Small Cliffs Pack by Skleer
10) canyon-diagonal2 by Aca
11) Canyon set by RD
12) Embeddable MultiLap for Canyon platforms by Jui and Dagobert
13) Simple Lamp by XRayJay
14) Glowsigns by Harrison
15) Ralley Props by Dagobert
16) Embeddable Checkpoints by Dagobert
17) Embeddable Lamp by XRayjay
18) Canyon Props by XRayjay
19) Canyon Glassblock by XRayjay
20) Canyon Arrows by XRayjay
21) 4 Canyon Transitions by Dagobert
22) CanyonBlocksPack1 by xrayjay
23) CanyonTurboPack by xrayjay
24) CanyonHangarCP by xrayjay
25) CanyonSpaceItems by xrayjay
26) CanyonCafe by xrayjay
27) Bigger Curve (5-8-4) by Dag@Bert
28) Canyon Barriers by xrayjay
29) Canyon Pit Toolbox by xrayjay
30) Canyon Crane by xrayjay
31) Canyon small Turbose by Dag@bert
32) Canyon Mesh Items by xrayjay
33) Canyon Aquarium by xrayjay
34) Canyon Balloons by xrayjay
35) Canyon Pipes by xrayjay (except the curves which are not embeddable)
36) Airplane (all envis) by xrayjay
37) Island Signs (all envis) by xrayjay
38) Canyon bowl by xrayjay
39) Canyon Blocks and props by xrayjay
40) Canyon spawn pack by xrayjay
41) Canyon Tower Kit by xrayjay
42) Canyon Gymk Style by xrayjay
43) Canyon Ultra slim CP by xrayjay
44) Canyon lights by xrayjay
45) Jumps for Canyon & Valley by Adamkoo
46) Canyon tunnel entrance by xrayjay
47) Canyon Bridges by xrayjay
48) Canyon Castle by xrayjay
49) Canyon Arrows Not Collidable by xrayjay
50) Canyon Road Props ext. by xrayjay
51) Canyon Signs by xrayjay
52) Canyon Construction Crane by xrayjay
53) Canyon Street Bridge by xrayjay
54) Canyon Ring CP by xrayjay
55) Canyon Bridge extensions by xrayjay
56) Canyon Turbo Start by xrayjay
57) Canyon Cannon Start by xrayjay
58) Canyon Traverses by xrayjay

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Posts: 3443
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Re: TM2 Canyon: Shared Custom Objects

Postby HaagseSmurf » Sat 19 Dec 2015, 11:19

Newly added:

Canyon Ultra slim CP

Canyon Street bridge

Canyon Traverses

Canyon Bridge extensions

Canyon Turbo Start

Canyon Cannon Start

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