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Postby HaagseSmurf » Thu 07 Jan 2016, 17:48

Dear Smurfs,

With donations from Smurfs and other visitors we provide you something you hopefully appreciate as well ;) From those donations we are able to host all our servers and websites for about € 400 up to € 450 each year.

As you can see in this topic Smurfing Finances its about time again to ask around for more donations.
If you really appreciate all that we do, and you want to show us your appreciation in a donation, dont hesitate to contact me (HaagseSmurf) online or with a pm on this forum or
by Pay Pal with Pay Pal Smurfdonations.

All donations are helpfull, even the smaller ones :D
No rights can be obtained by donating; you can't get adminrights from donating ;)

So if you want to offer a donation ?
PM me (HaagseSmurf) on the forum or contact me online for the account for the donations or
use Paypal with Pay Pal Smurfdonations.

Donating people can be found here: Donation Topic
And each month you can find the new financial Smurf position here: Financial Smurf Position

Thx in advance!

On behalve of the Smurfscommunity


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