JohnBoy is a smurf?

You can register and introduce yourself here, if you want to join the Smurfs.
Hier vind je een overzicht van alle smurfen en kun je je aanmelden als nieuwe smurf.
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JohnBoy is a smurf?

Postby JohnnyBoy » Sat 29 Jun 2019, 09:27

Heyo JohnBoy here,

I had alot of fun playing the SCL and some Smurfcups and I thought: Why not join the smurfs, to have even more fun.
And here I am. Looking forward to a high-producing funtime with the Schlümpfs.

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Re: JohnBoy is a smurf?

Postby HaagseSmurf » Mon 01 Jul 2019, 19:42

Welcome Johnboy!

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