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Postby Harlock » Sat 26 May 2018, 23:21

Hello everyone! I am Harlock!

Name: Johan
Age: 17
Country: United States
In-game login: unthinkablespeed (I move at speeds faster than you can imagine)
Nickname: Harlock (after one of my favourite animes, Space Pirate Captain Harlock :P)

I am a German musician and writer who lives in the United States as a high school student. When I was 5 years old, I got my first TM game-- TrackMania Sunrise, and I thought it was the second-best video game of my childhood... just behind Sonic Heroes lol

Then after that, I got TrackMania United in 2009 and I absolutely fell in LOVE with that game. It's still among the top 10 games that I have ever played. When TrackMania 2 came out, I wanted to be a content creator, making 3D models and 2D skins. I'm still in the process of learning all of that, but in the meanwhile I practiced more on building tracks.

After several years of building tracks in that environment, it's safe to say that I'm fairly skilled at making multi-lap maps. I enjoy building these maps, adding as much detail as I possibly can to them, because it always felt like I was a god, building a world of my dreams and immersing myself into it as a car racing through it. It's one of the prime reasons that I have fell in love with this game, because it allows my creativity to be unleashed to a point that was never reached before in other games.

I am now the proud creator of the TrackMania channel, TrackMania Rivals, which is so far one of the most popular channels in ManiaPlanet.

I was introduced to Smurfen by my good friend React, though I have heard of it for a while now. He has inspired me to join and compete in the Canyon Endurance Premiership, where I will hopefully prove myself.
ManiaPlanet login: unthinkablespeed
ManiaExchange: Captain Harlock
Discord: Levels#5547

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Re: Harlock

Postby HaagseSmurf » Sun 27 May 2018, 20:28

Welcome Harlock!!

Good to see you here at the Smurfs!


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