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Adminoverview (head- & masteradmins)

Nickname Profile Functions
HaagseSmurf HaagseSmurf * Financial manager, headadmin TrackMania 2:Canyon, headadmin TrackMania 2:Valley, MasterAdmin ShootMania
MaxSmurf Max * Servermanager, webmaster, MasterAdmin TrackMania 2:Canyon, MasterAdmin TrackMania 2:Valley, MasterAdmin ShootMania
ToffeSmurf Toffe * MasterAdmin TrackMania 2:Canyon, Headadmin TrackMania 2:Valley, MasterAdmin ShootMania
GaaraSmurf Gaara * Headadmin TrackMania 2:Canyon, Operator TrackMania 2:Valley
HYPE Smurf Hype * Headadmin ShootMania

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Function/Group Description
Community management * The community management contains different admins from all games, the financial manager and the servermanager. This group of people decides about things that are about in general.
Financial manager The financial manager controls the moneyflow and makes sure that everything for is being paid.
Servermanager The servermanager manages the technical side of and makes sure that everything (technically) keeps running. When needed, the servermanager will help the headadmins in the technical aspect of the managing of his server.
Headadmin A headadmin is responsible for whats going on, on the server and makes the protocols. He is endreponsible for that server and admins, moderators and operators are responsible to him.
MasterAdmin A MasterAdmin has all in-game rights on a server and is responsible to the headadmin.
Admin An admin maintains the server and makes sure everything runs well. For this he has some possibilities, like the possibility to kick or ban someone. An admin is responsible to the headadmin.
Operator An operator has the most basic rights to keep the server running. He can skip or restart a map, but (most of the time) hasn't got the rights to kick or ban someone. An operator is responsible to the headadmin.