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The website provides you with all kinds of information about the community as well as provides you with a public forum, which is equipped with posting and replying facilities. While we invite you to share your opinions and questions in this way, they must not be used to distribute spam messages, post commercial advertisements, or spread links to malicious or dangerous websites. We do retain the right to moderate any post or written content submitted to the website and to remove any content we deem to have violated our policies and rules.

Financial costs offers all its services free of charge to everyone who have not been removed from our services before. The services are funded by voluntary dontations from our communitymembers. Everyone is welcomed to make a donation, in order to make it widely supported by the community and independent from single contributors. Donating to does not grant you any extra rights or privileges, these are strictly given out for activity and good/helpful behaviour on our services and is decided on by the game-headadmin or the Community Management.

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Forumcontent cannot be held accountable for the contents of any and all forumcontent and neither for any problems or damage that occurs as a result of making use of material in those posts.
The free speech of the writers of forumposts is limited by the general rules and the specific forumrules. The staff can moderate any content on the forum if it doesn't comply with the previously mentioned rules. is not obliged to remove forumcontent as long as it complies with the rules metioned above.

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