- Online Gaming Community Rules

By using or accessing in any way, including, but not limited to, viewing or browsing the site, adding your own content to the site, using our gameservers or VOIP-servers, you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms of Service and rules.

It is not allowed to invite players for a clan or a different server. Neither on our servers/forum or by private message. Be aware, that we have put in a lot of afford to make the servers as they are now. Private messages are logged on every server and can be looked at by the adminteam.

Response on violation
Because this issue is very delicate for us, an admin can decide to kick, mute, ban or even ban your IP from our server/forum.

Offensive language/behavior
Because is a community for everyone, offensive language/behavior is strongly clandestine. Now and then "by accident" a word is possible, but a complete slanging-match is not wanted.

Response on violation
Complete slanging-matches will be punished for, with a mute, kick or ban, as the (game)admin sees fit.

Private Messages
Spamming by private messages, offensive language/behavior by private message, intimidation by private message, gossiping by private message and sexual remarks by private message, are very sensitive issues. We are absolutely not responsible for this misuse, which is conducted on our servers.

Response on violation
When you conduct one of these facts, we'll have to remove you, with your IP, from our servers.

Messagecontent (including avatars/signatures)
The following things are not allowed on the forum:
  •  Pornographic material (real or drawn)
  •  Links to illigal software (warez, torrents, etc.)
  •  Offensive language/behavior
  •  Advertisement for activities, which aren't done by
  •  Spam

Response on violation
Editing or removal of forumposts possibly combined with a forumwarning or -ban, depending on the severity of the offense.

Maximum size: 150x150 pixels
Maximum filesize: 400 KB

There are some standard avatars available on the forum. If you want a image as avatar, you can't upload it on our forum and therefore have to upload it to an "imagehost" (like and insert the link in your profile.

Personal information
Refrain from using real names and posting postaddresses and/or phonenumbers on our services. Exception is our VOIP-server, it is allowed to use peoples real name there (if the user is accepts it).

Response on violation
Privacy sensitive information will always be removed from our forum/website. When posting other peoples information, we can decide to remove you from our services either temporary or permanent.